Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been a while . . .

Hello Everyone!
I know, I have been a complete slacker in the blogging department, but I plan
on getting better at it this new year.
Well, a lot has gone on since Avery first started school, which was the last time that
I blogged : )

Right around when hurricane Ike came through, I found out that I was PREGNANT!!
Hopefully everyone reading this already knows and doesn't come as a surprise.  If so, I am truly
sorry : )  

Everett started soccer and loved every minute of it.  We all loved going and seeing him play.  I think that he will probably play again this spring.

For Halloween, Everett was spiderman and Avery was Snow White.  They were so cute and had so much fun.  We went to Teryn and Ryan's and all the kids ( Konner, Kaeson, Everett, Avery, Preston, and Tessa)  all went Trick or Treating together and went to a church festival.  They all had a great time and we all ate way too much candy, as usual.

We had Thanksgiving in Dallas with Ryan's family.  It was nice to see everyone there and visit.  Hope everyone is doing well up there in Dallas.

We had a great Christmas.  We went to Waco for my mom's side of Christmas.  It was so good to see everyone since we don't get to see each other very often.  The monday before Christmas we went to Ryan's parents and exchanged our gifts.  Christmas day we stayed home and had our own Christmas with the kids.   Santa brought them lots of new toys.  They had a blast and it was so fun to see their reactions.  After our own Christmas we went to my parents house and spent a few days their with my brother and his wife.  It was a very eventful holiday and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Although, it was tiring and at times stressful.  It was good to be with family.

We spent New Years with Ryan's family in San Antonio where his brother lives.  We were there for 3 days and enjoyed being with family and the kids had a great time with their cousins.

Now for the big news and to finish this post off!  
December 23rd we had our ultrasound to find out what this little one inside is going to be and turns out it's  a ..........................




..   BOY!

We are so excited and very blessed.  I feel like it is just what God had intended for us.
We only need one little princess in our household : )

So there ya have it, a small recap of the last few months that I went into hiding in the blog world.  I hope to really stay on top of things from now on.  If I don't, I expect yall to kick me in the rear and tell me to stop slacking.

Hope everyone had a blessed holiday and a Happy New Year!
Talk soon !  : )